Magic Dot was designed to correct cross dominance, double vision, ghost imaging, and hand/eye coordination problems for shooters.

Single package only - $15.50 (Includes S/H)

  • Excellent for shotgun, rifle, pistol and archery shooting.
  • Each sheet comes with 24 dots and 2 rectangles, either of which can be trimmed to your desire.


Double (2) pack magic dots, 2 bottle cleaner, 2 cleaning cloths - $31.00 

See option in store for special. 

Why Do As Many As 80% of All Shooters Close One Eye?

They do it to overcome double vision, ghost images or cross-eye dominance - all of which can lead to serious accuracy problems. About 40% of the population is affected in some way by cross-eye dominance in which the dominant eye is opposite the shooting hand. The purpose of the translucent Magic Dot, when applied to the lens of shooting glasses over the offending eye, is to subtly screen it out of the aiming process while maintaining the key advantages of two-eyed vision: depth perception and peripheral vision.


  1. Take the alignment disc with the black ring, moisten one side and place it on the outside of the lens of your shooting glasses opposite your shooting hand. Note: your glasses should be of a protective nature. The alignment disc should slide easily on the surface.
  2. With your equipment mounted put yourself in the selected position - - that being the point at which you would fire. Now simply slide the alignment disc to the point at which both the target and the tip of the barrel are centered in the inner window of the alignment disc. You may need to close your shooting eye to do this. The positioning of this disc is the most important part of having a successful alignment. When you feel you have the disc properly located, repeat the motion of the shooting position. If the target and the tip of the barrel are not perfectly centered, readjust the alignment disc.
  3. Remove your glasses, leaving the alignment disc in place. Choose the Magic Dot closest in color to the lens color and remove it from the paper tab. Place the smooth side of the Magic Dot on the inside of the lens in perfect alignment with the corresponding edge of the black ring. The outside edge is for the 19MM Magic Dot and the inside edge is for the 13MM Magic Dot.
  4. Once the Magic Dot is in place, remove the alignment disc and store for future use. Now put your glasses on and again take a shooting position. If done correctly, the Magic Dot will be blocking out both the target and most of the barrel. If the shooting eye has not taken over and there is still a ghost image or double image, return to step one.
  5. Magic Dot is reusable and can be removed and stored for future use.
  6. Recommended for clay target shooting.

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