As a sportsman, you owe it to yourself to protect your eyes every time you shoot. Consider the effect on your life if your vision were impaired. We are not aware of any exceptions to the course management rule that makes eye protection mandatory. Morgan Optical Sport Glasses, has been practicing in the optical field for over 50 years. There expertise in the knowledge of optics, colors, lenses, (prescription and non prescription), has subsequently led to consulting and advising a variety of shooting enthusiasts , trap, skeet, sporting clays, hunting, pistol, rifle, and cowboy action shooting. The staff  knows from personal experience that  eye-wear can improve your overall shooting performance. We invite you to explore the sites of colored lenses and the performance they deliver.You finally have the ability to offer yourself the most desirable lens attributes for all shooting needs, without compromising optical performance! Call or e-mail  Morgan Optical Sport Glasses, with questions and receive advice on problem solving solutions that fit your individual needs. 

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Edge Frame

Now Available: HD and HD Light and the new HD DARK

HD (58)- Offers incredibly crisp, clear vision by incorporating precise technology that filters out blue light to increase contrast while perfectly targeting the shooters mark. This lens is the expert choice for medium light conditions. 


HD Light (59)- Offers the same clarity and crisp target view as the HD lens, however goes a step beyond giving the shooter a flawless edge in dimmer light conditions by cutting through haze and reducing stress on the eye with a very subtle yet effective tint.





 Ranger XLW w/ insert

Ranger Edge
Sporter Rx



The performance shield frame from
Randoph Ranger. With 3 interchangeable shield lense options:
HD, Med Yellow, Deep Purple

A game changing field of view!
Engineered for comfort and durability!
And made in the USA! 


If you have been looking for one lens that will work in the field from dawn to dusk this is the lens for you.

Autumn Gold Transitions®
Premium Features
Autumn Gold™ lenses offer the ultimate in comfortable outdoor. The lenses are photochromic, they automatically change (darken and lighten by degree, depending on exposure to sunlight). When fully darkened they are an excellent sunglasses with a pleasing brown tint. When fully lightened they have a medium golden or yellow tint.

Low Light Bright Light


I used the Autumn Gold Transition lenses yesterday and was very pleased with their performance. They highlight the targets well and give excellent sunprotection. The course is both open and woods. I could see all the targets well at each station. Thanks for the great service. 

Ed   (New Jersey)


Thank you for the fast service, the Autumn Gold transition lens was exactly what I was looking for. Finally a lens that I can use from dawn to dusk. I can leave in the cover of darkness in the AM, hunt all day and only use one lens. The contrast is better than you described.

Thank you, Bill  M. (Wyoming)


The RX Insert arrived this morning - thank you. I'm over the moon with them, they're absolutely brilliant. The distance lens is spot on and the fast delivery time was amazing. I'd like to tell Randolph USA just how good your service was.

Kind regards, Mike  (UK)


I was very pleasantly surprised to see my glasses on the door step when I just got home today.  Thanks for the quick turnaround!  They seem to fit perfectly.  I did not see an invoice.

Thanks again for the great service. Don (NY)

Hi Wayne

I have now received my glasses and would like to thank you for your great service.  I am absolutely over the moon with them and will be wearing them for the first time to shoot tomorrow.  They are the best fitting glasses that I have ever owned and I will be passing on your name to my shooting colleagues.

Regards Barbara

Morgan Optical isn't just a company, "Morgan" is our family name. We take personal pride in our products and stand behind them. That's why we have been the "experts for your shooting glasses" since the late 1970's. if you are not completely satisfied, simply call 1-716-379-8773 or email:

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